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Artifact - Fractal (Industrial Trailer Percussion for Kontakt)
$ 199.00
Artifact - Fractal AUDIO IMPERIA's “Artifact Fractal“ is the first instrument in our new “Artifact” signature series. All of the products in the series are produced by composer Valentin Boomes, who is renowned for his industrial, gritty and instantly recognizable trailer music style. "Artifact - Fractal" was designed specifically for trailer...
Hank Drum (Relaxing & Meditative Tones for Kontakt)
$ 69.00
Hank Drum produced by Bryan Leach Bryan Leach's main idea behind Hank Drum was to capture the natural relaxing and meditative tones of this absolutely gorgeous sounding instrument. As a composer, he wanted it to be playable with a multi-sampled approach, along with a handful of varying techniques. But this library...
Hank Drum Exp 1 (Cinematic Hank Drum Motions for Kontakt)
$ 99.00
Hank Drum Exp 1: Cinematic Motions produced by Bryan Leach AUDIO IMPERIA's “Hank Drum Exp 01: Cinematic Motions” is the next instrument in our series of instruments produced by Bryan Leach. Hank Drum Exp 01: Cinematic Motions is an independent addition to the Hank Drum family and aims at creating rhythmic landscapes,...
Nailstrom (Cigar Box Guitar for Kontakt)
$ 35.00
Nailstrom Guitar produced by Jeremiah Pena Nailstrom is a cigar box guitar that was built and extensively sampled, capturing all of its strange quirks and nuances. Nailstrom utilizes nails for frets, which makes for a very temperamental tone, ranging from clear plucked notes to harsh, gritty bowing. Nailstrom includes 4...
Photosynthesis Vol. 1
$ 35.00
Photosynthesis Series - Vol. 1 "Sphere" (Gorgeous Evolving Pads) produced by Jeremiah Pena We're proud to announce that we are now an official distributor for Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis Series. Volume 1, Sphere, is a powerful sample library for Kontakt, aimed at film/game composers, producers, and musicians who need gorgeous evolving pads, dark...
Photosynthesis Vol. 2
$ 55.00
Photosynthesis Series - Vol. 2 "Mystic" (Ambient Cello) produced by Jeremiah Pena Mystic is the second in the Photosynthesis line of Kontakt libraries, an ambient cello library aimed at film/game composers, producers, and musicians who need otherworldly pads and soundscapes, unique cello articulations, and creative instrument effects. Watch the overview video....
Photosynthesis Vol. 3
$ 50.00
Photosynthesis Series - Vol. 3 "Embers" (Heavy Growling Basses) produced by Jeremiah Pena Embers is the third in the Photosynthesis line of Kontakt libraries. Embers is focused on dark, distorted cinematic sounds still planted in the ambient mindset. Heavy growling basses, distant organic instruments, wavering pads, and rhythmic synths.  Inspired by...
Photosynthesis Vol. 4
$ 60.00
Photosynthesis Series - Vol. 4 "Realms" (Bowed Metals) produced by Jeremiah Pena The fourth and final Photosynthesis Kontakt library, Realms is an extensive musical toolkit of bowed metallic sounds. Recorded with rich detail, metal groans and screeches with tones ranging from terrifying to lovely. Realms encompasses a wide selection of raw...
Trailer Guitars 1 (Guitar Tensions & Motors for Kontakt)
$ 75.00
Trailer Guitars 1: Tensions & Motors produced by Danny Cocke We are extremely proud and excited to announce that award-winning composer and sound designer Danny Cocke has joined us here at Audio Imperia. Danny is best known for his stellar work as a trailer composer where his credits include blockbuster placements such...
Traveler - Aurus (Cinematic Atmospheres for Kontakt)
$ 119.00
Traveler - Aurus AUDIO IMPERIA's “Traveler Aurus“ is the first instrument in our new “Traveler” series, produced by composer and sound designer Dylan Jones. The Traveler series follows an adventurer across the universe to unknown landscapes and far-off worlds. He is a seeker of not only sights, but also of sounds. Each volume...
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