NEW UPDATE | Introducing Areia V1.2


We’re thrilled to unveil the V1.2 update for Areia, an enhancement many of you have eagerly awaited. Seamlessly melding with the core essence of Areia, this update features all-new material from the very same string players recorded in the same space where the original Areia came alive.


  • Revamped Legatos: Dive into a whole set of newly recorded legatos (Legato Fingered, Legato Rebowed, Legato Portamento) that not only elevate the texture of your compositions but also offer expansive versatility.
  • Performance Legato Patch: Redefining playability, the newly developed Performance Legato patch combines all three of the new legatos. This singular, customizable patch allows you a fluid, dynamic play.

  • Shorts Overlay Feature: Furthering our commitment to versatility and nuanced control, we’ve integrated a Shorts Overlay feature. Now, enjoy three distinct, controllable short notes harmoniously integrated within the Legato patch. This fusion of articulation types empowers you with a new level of playability.
  • Your favorites stay untouched: The original Legato patch continues to be a part of Areia, ensuring no disruptions to your ongoing or legacy projects. With V1.2, we’ve addressed known issues and enhanced the overall stability, ensuring a smoother legato sound.

Watch our walkthrough video HERE.

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