NEW UPDATE | Chorus V1.1 – Introducing Chorus FX


AUDIO IMPERIA: CHORUS FX at $79 ($99 MSRP) & CHORUS V1.1 at $379 ($499 MSRP)

We are very pleased to announce the latest edition to our Chorus lineup – Chorus FX. Recorded in the same space, and with the same 48-piece choir as the rest of Chorus, Chorus FX adds an extra dimension to your choir, with a set of Male, Female and Full Ensemble Effects – including Loops, Risers, Shorts, and Sustained Effects. Chorus FX diversifies your sound palette and offers a wide range of textures and dynamics for your compositions.

Scott Michael Smith, the two-time Grammy Award-winning, Hollywood mixing and recording engineer, worked with us again on Chorus FX. Scott’s credits include The Revenant, The Handmaids Tale, It Chapter 2, Shazam!, Mank, The Gilded Age, The Adam Project, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and many others. He provided a signature mix mic for Chorus FX, that really brings the sound of modern film music to the library.

Chorus FX is now available within our Chorus Library, but is also available as a standalone product, HERE. If you are looking to add choir effects to your toolbox, this library is an amazing collection for just that. But consider that the full version of Chorus will take everything Chorus FX offers and add depth and diversity to enables much more control over your choir sound. To celebrate the launch and to give you an option to choose either the full version of Chorus or just the standalone Chorus FX, both products are available at special price points. Go ahead and choose what suits you best!

If you already have Chorus: Chorus FX is now also included in the full version of Chorus, which will remain in our catalog with no price increase at $499. This means that all existing Chorus owners will be getting a free content update of their library, to now include Chorus FX! This update to Chorus (V1.1) is available via a reinstall of the library within Native Access.

Watch our walkthrough video HERE.

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