Introducing DOLCE | Romantic Chamber Strings

Audio Imperia and Performance Samples

Capturing the sweetness and softness of a Chamber Strings section has long been a dream of ours. Recorded in collaboration with our friend Jasper Blunk from Performance Samples, we have now made that dream a reality.

Dolce is our definitive romantic Chamber Strings library, with 7 1st Violins, 5 2nd Violins, 4 Violas, 3 Celli, and 3 Double Basses. We selected our favorite players all of whom we’ve worked with on many other projects and recorded a large selection of articulations to really offer something that will be a well-rounded tool in your arsenal.

With meticulous attention to detail, we’ve created a truly wonderful tool that offers a rich and romantic sound, perfect for capturing the finer nuances of your compositions.


Dolce was recorded in the same room as Fluid Woods, Fluid Brass, and Performance Samples’ Pacific series, and captures the same warm, romantic signature that sits perfectly between the symphonic and grand sound that you get with Pacific Strings, and the more pointed and lush Hollywood type of sound that you get within Areia and Nucleus.

With 4 mics and 2 mixes, as well as all 5 individual sections of the ensemble available plus a complete set of full ensemble patches, Dolce provides ultimate dexterity and ease to your writing process.

Watch the Walkthrough here

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