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Discover the Magic of Cinematic Choirs

Your first step into choral masterpieces, crafted for the passionate storyteller.

Chorus Lite Edition captures the same emotional dexterity of Chorus, within a smaller, more concise package ideal for anyone wanting to begin exploring choral composition.
Packaged with full NKS integration within Kontakt Player, Chorus Lite Edition includes the same 48-piece choir that sits at the heart of Chorus, with both male and female longs and shorts, able to reach a breadth of different genres.

From Detailed and Intimate, to Symphonic and Bombastic

The Full Ensemble

No Compromises

Blockbuster Sound

24 Women, 24 Men and Ensemble Patches: Everything you need to get started writing choral compositions.

The same amount of dynamic range and realism as the full version of Chorus.

Our popular signature mix, created by two-time Grammy Award-winning Hollywood mixing and recording engineer Scott Michael Smith which matches that out of the box cinematic sound you’ve came to love from Chorus.

Crossgrade At a Later Date

Purchasing either Chorus FX and Chorus Lite Edition qualifies you for a credit toward the Full version of Chorus.

When you decide to upgrade your product, your purchase price of Chorus Lite Edition will be automatically added as a discount to the full version of Chorus. As long as you are logged in, you will see your unique price within our store on future visits.

This discount will be available throughout the year, on top of any seasonal sale events, or product discounts there may be.

Please note, this crossgrade discount is only available if both the full product and crossgrade product are purchased through our web store



  • Made for the free Kontakt Player, Version 6.7.1 or higher.
  • NKS ready.
  • Symphonic Choir: 24 Women, 24 Men.
  • 3 ready-to-go mixes: Classic Mix, Modern Mix, and Scott Michael Smith Mix.
  • Comprehensive set of traditional choir articulations.
  • Approximately 2.7 GB installed (NCW format).

The Full Details: What’s Included

Traditional Articulations

  • Sustained Ah
  • Sustained Ooh
  • Sustained Mmh
  • Sustained Eh
  • Sustained Eeh
  • Sustained Oh
  • Staccato Ah

Mic Mixes

  • Scott Michael Smith Mix
  • Classic Mix
  • Modern Mix

Dynamic Layers

  • Up to 3 in Legato Articulations
  • Up to 3 in Long Articulation
  • Up to 3 in Short Articulations

Round Robins

  • 1 in Legato Articulations
  • 1 in Long Articulation
  • 5 in Short Articulations