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Sample Library Review Reviews Klavier Gravitas Piano and Red Planet Pi

10 May, 2016

Sample Library Review Reviews Klavier Gravitas Piano and Red Planet Piano (Klavier Bundle)

So much more than just another Piano library! Lush, spacious and rich in tone, Audio Imperia’s Klavier Bundle delivers versatile, top-quality epic trailer and underscore hybrid pianos that are so easy to use.

To be honest when I first heard about the Klavier Piano’s I wasn’t that excited. I have loads of piano libraries so what makes these so special – well I’ll tell you what makes them special: The libraries engine lets you morph from a great sounding Piano instrument into Synthetic (Gravitas) and Electric Guitar (Red Planet) sound designed instruments. You can use the modwheel to morph from one side of the instrument to the other.

It wasn’t until I started morphing and dialing up the Synthetic (Gravitas) and Electric Guitar (Red Planet) sound designed side of the instruments that I had that “ahh-haa” moment and realized they work perfectly for what they were designed for – which is creating epic trailer-like scores.

And there is a good reason it sounds so spot on for contemporary trailer scores. Audio Imperia originally started creating this library as a private sample library for a group of trailer composers. Lucky for us it has been released to the public. On the Gravitas Piano the sound designed side of the instrument was created by some of the top trailer composers and sound designers out there including: Attila Áts, Bryan Leach, Danny Cocke, Jeremiah Pena, Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, Paul Ortiz aka Chimp Spanner.

The Piano samples on both instruments come from sampling a Yamaha Baby Grand piano. As a stand alone piano it sounds pretty damn good with warmth and plenty of bite. For the Piano (Organic) side of the instrument, you have the choice of playing back between sustain or staccato samples and can adjust and mix from the with 6 stereo mic positions.

You can get a lot of tonal variations just from different combinations of the 6 mic positions and I was even able to dial in a fantastic sound for cutting through a massive wall of orchestral score as well as dial in a subtle dreamy emotional piano – so very verisitle with just the piano alone.

Why staccato samples? Well once you start morphing to the Synthetic/Guitar you start to get some great sustains on that side of the instrument and with just the staccato attack turned on on the Piano side you can really take advantage of this instruments wonderful sound designed samples by playing back piano attacks with lush expansive sustains from the synthetic side.

The Gravitas Piano comes with 35 “Synthetic” presets that can be accessed via the preset control on the “Synthetic” side of the instrument.  One thing that I thought was really great and gave the Gravitas Piano a very original and very pro sound is that all the Synthetic presets were made using the original samples from the “Organic” piano with just pure sound manipulation and design – no synthesizers or other instruments.

The instruments FX page allows you to add Filter, Compression, Distortion, Chorus, Delay and Convolution to both the Synthetic Side or Organic side separately as well as the ability to apply effects to the instrument combined output. Working with these effects you can start to get some great modifications of the already fantastic sounding presets, or really push the effects on the organic instrument, in essence creating your own sound designed instrument.

Klavier Red Planet Piano

With the Red Planet Piano The interface is identical using the same engine but with a “Orange” hue tinting the instrument and of course, Guitar samples loaded into the “right side” of the instruments GUI. 

The sample set used to create the Klavier Red Planet Piano was recorded from a limited edition Ibanez JPM90HAM Guitar with a blend between the front and back pickups. From the start you can hear the rich tones of the original instrument had plenty of depth and warmth with just the right amount of bite to make the sound spot on for epic, contemporary score.

The Red Planet Piano comes with 12 sound designed presets on the “Guitar” side. There isn’t a dude in the bunch. After getting to know the Gravitas Piano and the 35 presets I wished the Red Planet Piano had more presets included. The sound quality is fantastic I just would have liked to have had more options.

The Red Planet Piano’s FX Rack page is identical to the Gravitas Piano with both the Guitar side or Organic side separately as well as the ability to apply effects to the instrument combined output. Just as with the Gravitas Piano the FX Rack will let you sculpt and design even more with the instrument.


Overall the Klavier Bundle is a great set of instruments for those looking to get a top-quality epic trailer piano and guitar tone. The sound is lush, spacious and rich in tone. I can also see how using these libraries for underscore make them extremely useful tools – just pull up one of the Klaviers and quickly get a sound that would have otherwise taken precious time to sculpt.

For the full review, go HERE

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