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"I'm loving Audio Imperia’s new Trailer Guitars library!! It's a great way to add unique character and propulsion to a cue. You can almost blindly grab any patch from it, and you'll get something special. I'm looking forwards to Volume 2, Get to work!!!" - Michael Nielsen - Owner/Composer at Ninja Tracks


"Photosynthesis Mystic, Sphere, Embers, and Audio Imperia's Trailer Guitars libraries are a permanent part of my scoring template. Their sounds are organic, interesting, and processed just enough to add a cool textural edge to my palette. They are musical, playable, and blend well with the sounds I've created, and their user interface allows for pretty extreme manipulation. Highly recommended!" - Charlie Clouser - Composer of the SAW franchise, Wayward Pines, Childhood's End

"Once in a while, you get to find these beautiful gems and they quickly permeate your music and become a fixed staple in your writing template! This is precisely the case with Audio Imperia. I’m already looking forward to whatever new instruments they’ve got up their sleeves!"- Pieter Schlosser - Composer of You, Me And The End Of The World, The Lying Game, Nightwatch, Gears of War, Transformers, The Sims


"Audio Imperia have created incredible detail and nuance in every one of their sounds. Whether you are using them straight of the box, or as ammunition for further warping and experimenting... you need these sounds in your arsenal! I'm excited to hear what they come up with next." - Daniel Suett - Composer, The Bleeding Fingers

"The Audio Imperia cinematic tool kits are a bag of sonic tricks that I find myself using more and more. a great collection of pads and hard hitting dynamic sounds that I can't find anywhere else. Klavier Gravitas Piano and Red Planet Piano are absolutely gorgeous. Very strong and intimate but also powerful with deep rich ambiences and luscious trails. A classic, natural sounding piano with fantastic effects and a very clean and easy interface. Thanks Audio Imperia for such a beautiful instrument." - Rod Abernethy - Composer of Tome, Rage, Tera, Star Trek, The Hobbit & Dead Space


"The Audio Imperia tool kits are just what you need when you don't feel like searching and editing for hours for that "one" sound. Everything is clear, concise, high quality, and very unique; not to mention extremely useful and fun. They've quickly become one of my trusted go-to's for quick inspiration to build a cue around, or when I just need that "something extra" to add to the sonic space." - Mark Yaeger - Composer of Halo: Nightfall, Queen of the Desert, Disney's Lanfeust Quest 

"I'm a big fan of Audio Imperia! Modern composers are being overflown with new sample libraries everyday and very often I have noticed that the quantity takes over the quality. Not so in case of Audio Imperia. Even though they are relatively new on the market, they set their bar high which is to our direct benefit. Their new "Klavier- Red Planet Piano" is an instant secret weapon that gets important placement in my template. Grab them while they are still an "underdog"!" - Mikolai Stroinski - Composer of The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

"I love all Audio Imperia’s libraries - I use them on every single track and project. I always know that I’ll be able to find exactly what I’m looking for - especially with sound design elements - in at least one of their libraries. They take no shortcuts and every single sound is of the highest quality. I look forward to seeing what’s next as I can’t wait to use them more on future music!" - James Everingham - Composer: Extreme Music

"I don't know how they managed to do it, but the Audio Imperia team has created new sound collections that are original, warm, organic and sit well inside many different types of tracks. About once a year - at best - I stumble across collections like these, which are exceptionally inspirational and useful. Trailer Guitars and the entire Photosynthesis collection have been essential parts of my Fall TV shows. Keep it up!" - Ben Decter - Emmy Award Winning Film and TV Composer

""What I most like about Artifact by Audio Imperia, is the energy, the modern sound, and the grittiness and punchiness that it irradiates. The percussion and the amazing sound design by maestro Valentín Boomes capture the essence of new trends in Trailer Music. It is really remarkable how both, the meticulous work, and the passion for innovative solutions in the world of the hybrid scene are imprinted in every single sample of the "Fractal" edition. A highly recommended tool!!" Ivan Torrent - Award winning Composer

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